Collecting information on a topic is not the only aspect of research. It involves having a productive discussion with the client to identify their goals for the project, applying my creative abilities to develop concepts, and being constantly prepared to adapt to changes while maintaining a seamless workflow. Research looks into the market, trends, customer behaviour, and a variety of other topics to develop an ideal strategy of action.

A small section of a script I wrote for a short film named "ZOMBIE SAG".

Creative Content Writing

Coming up with fresh, original ideas and telling them as a narrative is an activity I love and am passionate about. I've written articles, developed short film scripts, and pitched concepts to clients. Place your faith in me, and sit back and watch the magic unfold!

Curating The Best

Having ideas is not enough for a project; it also requires putting those ideas into reality. You can always count on me to help you visualise your ideas, from sourcing the finest references to creating impressive visuals.

For your reference, I've included two examples of my work below.

Mood board curated for a short film named "INTENTIONS"

COLOUR PALETTE curated for a short film named "INTENTIONS"


I am actively involved in every phase of the filming process as I embrace the vital role of directing. I consistently incorporate myself in the script-writing process and then analyse each scene. I concentrate my attention on blocking, camera technique (types of shots), context, and subtext. Breaking down the script enables me decide on the appropriate verbs and actions to direct the camera crew and actors to get the finest shots

A filmmaker and crew are nothing less than magicians when they create a movie or television programme that has the power to change the lives of its viewers.


As the person behind the camera, I am responsible for bringing the storyboard to life by filming scenes from the script. A cinematographer needs to be extremely precise and demonstrate excellent listening skills in order comply to the director's directions. Filming involves numerous factors, namely lighting, shot composition, and size.


To create a smooth final product, the editor must exercise caution and attention to detail when placing the shots in the correct sequence. Editing doesn't stop there, though. Creating high-quality sound, colour grading, cuts, after effects, and other skills are all necessary for me to be an editor. As a photographer and videographer, I've refined my editing skills.


I capture moments that express a story. While some shots embrace their simplicity, others tend to be deeper. From capturing the beauty of nature to capturing portraits of mankind. Whether it's experimenting with lighting and camera work or following to compositional guidelines. I'm the remedy to your vision